Agern, New York

Claus Meyer is a recent arrival in New York’s food scene, but his reputation as co-founder of renowned Danish restaurant Noma, alongside René Redzepi, qualifies him for a high post among the great current Nordic chefs. His talent and originality can be tasted at the new Agern restaurant, which he opened at Grand Central Station. Highlight to the ingredients with the "foraged plant" touch – i.e., everything freshly harvested from the region’s vegetable gardens, - as well as the smoked treats that are the Nordics’ delicious specialty.


Ori Sonnenschein


Israeli designer Ori Sonnenschein had another completely fresh idea!

Using orange skins to create biodegradable accessories.

He considers his Solskin collection a homage to nature’s consistent optimism.

The variety of textures, elasticity and colors, even having as a starting point the simplicity of an orange, are factors of rupture vis à vis traditional luxury.


Patrick Dougherty

The amazing work by this American artist has become monumental in the scale and importance of his interventions.

Combining his skill in carpentry with his love for nature, his sculptures have gained international acclaim and were granted several accolades, including the Factor Prize for Southern Art 2011 and the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant.


Flyte Design

This small and creative group of Swedish designers, engineers and artists are creating intelligent and inspiring products with a wow factor.


Heloisa Crocco 

CROCCO Project

In her studio the artist develops, apart from other projects, her main line of research, based on the rings within the tree cores, which represent the plant’s growth.

“I found out that using a sandblast, the soft wood would come out, and the wood naturally turned into a kind of stamp.”


Percy Lau - Sunglasses

Only those who have seen and touched a pair of Percy Lau sunglasses can understand the quality of the material and how difficult it is to innovate in this field. Percy Lau achieved something really luxurious and unprecedented – Post-Luxury!

The Hong Kong native founded her own brand in 2013 and was the youngest designer ever to win the International Talent Support Award YKK in 2013.

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L’Arpege, Paris

Dining at Alain Passard's L'Arpege restaurant clearly illustrates this equation: it isn’t cheap, on the contrary, but it’s worth every penny. Three Michelin stars are not enough to classify the sublime cuisine that he practices, with the exuberance of aromas, flames, colors and flavors of a casserole genius, a master with vegetables, capable of transforming them into delicacies of unique texture and flavor.


Alfio Lisi


A creation by designer Alfio Lisi, the Pau de Luz lamp (Light Stick lamp) by Dominici, was selected by Adélia Borges for the Design, Innovation and Sustainability Exhibit at the III Bienal Brasileira de Design in Curitiba. It was also selected to compete for the international iF Design Awards in Germany.

It is Alfio Lisi’s first lamp, among the numerous pieces of furniture he has signed.

Pau de Luz is a timeless, elegant piece, minimalist in both its shape and its use of materials.


Eun Hwa


A work filled with simplicity, pure lines, geometric structures and original colors, - coupled with the use of quality high tech fabrics, - makes Eun Hwa’s design a bridge between the worlds of architecture and fashion.


Flo Atelier Botânico

It is easy to perceive in practically every arrangement created by this Atelier the originality and care for detail.

This is a great celebration of botanical diversity. As they say: "FLO is: the desire for green, for being close to nature, for transforming aesthetics into an essential part of life, for conscious consumption, for beauty and passion ..."


Kimu Design

Based in Taiwan, Kimu introduces design into our daily lives in a simple and natural way. They believe design only exists when accessible to the touch and to coexistence.

Their products will certainly transform our environment.


Hideko Honma

Endowed with unique talent and a product of thorough research, the pieces designed by ceramist Hideko Honma are true works of art.

The artisan presents a new, elegant and original look in her pieces.


Flavio Cerqueira

Like a storyteller, Cerqueira creates strong figurative sculptures to present narratives in an interactive atmosphere with the spectator.

Cerqueira’s work has been showcased in several collective exhibitions in Brazil and overseas, having as a highlight The South-South: Let me Begin Again, at the Goodman Gallery, in Cape Town, South Africa.


Lasai, Rio de Janeiro

It is no wonder that Rio de Janeiro native Rafa Costa e Silva has been awarded a Michelin star for Lasai. Her cuisine is original, artisanal, subtle and unique.

It undoubtedly deserves the eminence it has been gaining not only among locals, but also among "food trotters".


Maneco Quinderé

Maneco Quinderé combined technique and intuition to create lighting projects that have dominated Brazil’s cultural scene since the 1980s.

Sources of light are his wellspring of inspiration that wanders between nature and the world of the arts in a combination of minimalism and experimentalism; his work becomes unique by transforming the subjective into concrete ideas from simple and precise lines.


Miriam Mamber


Opposed to repetitive and conventional shapes, as well as to ostentation based solely on material value, she transforms exotic and unusual natural resources into jewelry, thanks to her talent, sensitivity and technical knowledge and discipline.


Monica Pondé

Monica Pondé’s brand is interested in experimenting in every step of the production process of their pieces. It values material research and how it responds to interventions, the possibilities of the use of tools, the way unexpected effects may lead to new results and, especially, how randomness affects textures and shapes.


Nó Design


Playful, versatile and full of character, the Tira e Põe (Pick up and Put down) table accompanies the dynamics of contemporary ambiances.

The various composition possibilities allow it to take shape in different forms and functions.


Robert Alejandro

Artist Robert Alejandro gazes at a simple leaf and pictures an entire universe of fashion and lifestyle. He is a complete artist, who always begins his work in an unusual and original manner.

His illustrations are unique and transcend time, always with elegance and a luxurious presentation.

The artist lived most of his life in the Philippines, one of the places in the world with the greatest plant diversity. His books have won several and important international awards.


Tênis Scarpa


Besides being ultra-comfortable, they are really original and fun, even though they are not a fad. The entire line is incredibly durable and versatile.


Whiple Shanghai


With extreme originality, Whiple stands out for its perfect blend of high-tech, comfort and personality, integrated with its local culture.

Their resourceful designers are focused on textile research.


Dries Van Noten

Born in Antwerp in 1958, Dries Van Noten is the third generation of a family of tailors. At only 18, Dries began studying fashion design at Antwerp’s Royal Academy and on his first year was already a success for his originality.

Since his beginnings, Dries Van Noten has presented women’s and men’s Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections every year. He celebrated his 50th fashion show in 2004 with a dinner for 500 guests seated at a table that later became the catwalk for the models presenting the collection. 

Throughout his career, Van Noten has dressed actors and actresses for the Academy Awards, the Queen of Belgium for state visits and designed for many contemporary dance companies including Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker and Justin Peck at the New York City Ballet.

A superior artist with a perennially innovative look, this designer integrates with honors the Après-Luxe curatorship as a grand source of inspiration.


Duncan Meerding

"I am a furniture and lighting designer based in Tasmania. Working with a range of materials, my designs draw heavily from the vast natural beauty of the Tasmanian wilderness.  Many of my designs highlight the highly tactile nature of the materials used, embracing their natural characteristics, such as the bark that still clings to the objects in the Cracked Log series.

Being legally blind with less than 5% of my sight remaining, the vision of light emanating from the peripheries of the different objects reflect the alternative sensory world within which I design."


Against Nature

First opened in 2009, Against Nature is a collaboration between four designers: Amber Doyle, Jake Mueser, Simon Jacobs, and jeweler Ryan Matthew. 

The four friends from New York’s downtown fashion, music, and art scenes had a common vision: to beautifully create well-designed garments and accessories with a modern sensibility, but using traditional methods of artisanship.  Since then, Amber, Jake, Ryan and Simon have been committed to producing the highest-quality products in accordance with Against Nature’s unique aesthetic. 


Hester van Eeghen

Born in Amsterdam, the youngest of five children. Her family has been involved with the arts in The Netherlands since the 17th century. She studied literature at the University of Amsterdam, and soon got involved with theatre, acting, and producing musicals. It was during that time that she also started designing bags and working with leather. With each bag she sold, she would buy more leather and make more bags.

Her designs are sold in design stores of several museums throughout Europe, as well as in several countries like Germany, the UK and Japan. She is regarded as one of the most influential Dutch designers of the 20th century.


Nicole Toldi

Unique, artisanal pieces handmade with passion! All lines created by Nicole Toldi and her daughter Luiza are in-sync with their surroundings and based on their perception of an innovative lifestyle.

Quality, consciousness, design and all Post-Luxury pillars come together here. Enjoy!

Carol Gay

This Brazilian architect and designer, daughter of Argentinians, found particularly in her glasswork a strong and unique way of expressing her talent. Her handiwork and the constant search for new sustainable materials authorize many of her pieces to pass through the Après-Luxe filters.

Since 2014, Carol is part of the contemporary design team of Paris’ James Gallery.

carol gay 02.jpg

Lucas Isawa

Light fixtures with a vocation for protagonism!

Objects that change influenced by a breeze that moves them or by the light that highlights the structure, levity and transparency of the figures of fishes and sea animals designed and constructed in 3-D.



This story began in Paris, in 2008, with a few very creative people committed to the development of products that are functional and stylish, that empower and support creative people.

The group’s modern vision is simple: to develop, design and produce travel goods that combine modern high-tech fabrics with traces of architecture. To make bags and accessories that complement its consumers’ lifestyle. 

Côte&Ciel began as a special project team, commissioned by Apple, and started to collaborate with Paris-based ready-to-wear brand DAMIR DOMA. 

Now the team has grown to include entrepreneurs, fashion, industrial and graphic designers and product engineers. All committed to the product’s final excellence and collaboration with many movements of improvement of urban life.



Even after 120 years, this water is still relatively unknown. It is indeed one of the beauties of valorization of the new luxury.

With a distinctive flavor, Mondariz sparkling water is elegant to the palate, since it is a water with enough bubbles to savor the true flavor of mineral water and natural gas.

Mondariz brand has won many prizes and certifications without any promotion or ostentation over its extremely careful, artisanal withdrawal method, compliant with the environment.

It stands for a history, a flavor, awards and an original way of dealing with their product.


Nino Orlandi


Nino Orlandi is an Italian self-taught artist who can create wonderful stories through his elaborate wood sculptures. He created his own style of working with wood. His pieces convey immense talent, passion and sense of dimension, visible in works such as The Book of Life, The Magic Mountain and The Book of Dreams.


Beams - Tokyo


This is the first case of a department store that is, in its essence and to the aims of this curatorship, totally post luxury.

Every brand presented at Beams, in Tokyo, has a precious and careful look for representing brands that make a difference, - with the exposure of innovative, timeless items due to the fact that they pertain to artists/designers working with small productions, who can count on raw materials of the highest quality, with the assurance of making exclusive and original pieces.