There are many illusions when it comes to luxury: that happiness may come from rare products and services or that a brand may be showcased to the world as proof that we are special.

For those who have experienced the inevitably unfulfilled promises of luxury, there is one hope: Post-Luxury, or Après-Luxe.

A movement raising awareness to the fact that true luxury resides in places, moments and experiences; in silence, in being a master of your time; but also in products and services that are filtered through a set of criteria. They have to be worth their price, something extremely difficult to offer in greedy times: a product that is not fleeting or relies on fads. Something made in the scope of a rationale that takes into consideration the surroundings and the social context. Above all, something that is truly unique, thoroughly thought out and that is born out of passion, observing a rigorous scale.

Applying these filters, - when they’re all triggered together, - and only in that manner, the result is an extremely rare range of services and products. Après-Luxe has as its aim finding, registering and disclosing their existence, with the greater objective of gradually altering consumer behavior.

The era of futile, superficial luxury and of the exaggerated multiplication of cost values may and should give way to a contemporary luxury class. One where the modern clients’ collective intelligence makes the distinction between the old and obsolete luxury, and the novel, judicious perspective that is arriving in the form of Post-Luxury.