Mélisse, Santa Monica

The restaurant is not minimally ostentatious, but instead focuses on profound research and dishes with a blend of extremely innovative flavors.

Josiah Citrin is a culinary expert and veteran of Los Angeles’s gourmet dining scene. He is a two-star Michelin chef and owner of California’s highly acclaimed Mélisse, located in Santa Monica.

His culinary philosophy, “In Pursuit of Excellence”, sets the standard for all his concepts, whether in fine or casual dining.


Vernissage Cinema, Zermatt

A complete experience that simultaneously touches all the senses.

The proposition and super unique ambiance make going to the movies at the Vernissage a Post-Luxury experience. 

Cocktail lounge with modern drinks, sound and presentation of current DJs curated by a team of experts in the field, “hip” gastronomy combined with exhibits in an extremely charming space – for art and culture – as well, of course, as amazing movies being shown. An experience that is really worth the trip.


Blue Lagoon, Iceland

One of the wonders of the world presented with all comfort and no brand-name ostentation!

Surrounded by amazing nature, Blue Lagoon is an oasis of relaxation and unique activities such as a full treatment spa and tours - expert guides will entertain you with insights into the history, nature and science - all of which make Blue Lagoon the special place it is.

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Full of passion and creativity, designer Maria Fernanda Paes de Barros shows through her work and her sophisticated, modern pieces that it is possible to bring true soul as well as all filters of the Post-Luxury movement to the manufacturing of her products.

She believes that it is possible to gather pieces from all over Brazil and sew them into a patchwork of infinite possibilities. And also that our handiwork is part of our national heritage. Bravo!


Janaina Mello Landini

Ciclotrama is an invented word by Janaina to address to the ongoing project  been developed since 2010. 

Working with threads and strings, she creates site-specific installations that occupy the space in an immersive way. The idea is to “unstitch” Time from its inside, unraveling the threads of the same rope in constant bifurcations, until reaching the last indivisible stage, a point that holds everything together in perfect equilibrium. 

janaina 02.jpg
janaina 03.jpg

Domingos Tótora

Born and raised in Minas Gerais ( Brazil) surrounded by beautiful mountains he choose cardbord as the main material for his work.

The beauty of Domingos Tótora's work not only manifests itself in the final product that one might acquire, but in the process itself. From the designer's philosophy and respect of the environment, the location of the studio and the way the work is produced, all the way to the final product.


Claudia Araújo

The deep and creative research of many materials (including those considered as waste) have transformed this artist's carpets into art pieces of the highest quality with timeless and meaningful design.

Owner of several awards in the field - such as the Design Award of Museu da Casa Brasileira - Claudia's original work produced in partnership with countless artisans does not go unnoticed.


Sport 28 - Buenos Aires

For fans of authenticity with a cult look there is nothing more unique than Sport 28 in Buenos Aires.

Focused on a unique and passionately made style and extreme look at the quality of product manufacture, service and drawing of their shoes, it was in fact, one of the most complete post-luxury experiences I had in encountered in South America.


Innotown - Alesund, Norway

Over the last 18 years, InnoTown speakers have skillfully entertained our audiences with their unique stories. Their talks contain a rich blend of deeply motivational personal journeys and exceptionally practical business cases. They leave our attendees energized and confident to capitalise on new ideas beyond the tried and tested. All with complete originality!


Hitomi Hosono - Porcelain

With experience rooted in both Japanese and European traditions, this artist who dedicated much of her life to studies, specializations and research within the world of ceramics presents a work that is far from being possible by hand  but close to the rich nuances of botany .


Antonia Almeida e Fabio Esteves - 80e8

With a strong creative connection and willingness to design the world in an innovative way, these 2 artists created through the projects that they create a work that speaks directly to post-luxury. It is a piece full of added value and incredible technical rigor.

Their project “Knowledge as nourishment of man" in addition to bringing a huge meaning within its proposal has a limited circulation, new use for materials and a special dynamic of support through the friction between each page of the books and the steel cables and stretchers concerned. Bravo!

antonia almeida 02.jpg
antonia almeida 03.jpg

Aska - New York

Located in a restored 1860s warehouse on the edge of the Williamsburg Bridge, Aska is the Michelin-starred Brooklyn restaurant run by Swedish chef Fredrik Berselius.

It offers incredibly original and seasonal tasting menus in a -  full of personality -  and intimate dining room.


Strategic Business Unit, Rome

The flagship store of hip jeans label SBU, aka Strategic Business Unit, occupies a 19th-century workshop near Piazza Navona, complete with cast-iron columns and wooden racks. Alongside jeans, superbly cut from top-end Japanese denim, you can also pick up casual shirts, jackets, hats, sweaters and T-shirts all exclusive and carefully made.


Officine Creative, Amsterdam

This is the artisanal heartbeat of Officine Creative conceived in 1968 by Nazzareno Di Rosa, who started his laboratory of shoemaking and leather craft in the Medieval Italian town of Montegranaro. Nowadays the eldest son Roberto Di Rosa at the helm of the company, paves, with his brother Luca,  the way for the current incarnation and ethos of the modern international factory Calzaturificio Duca del Nord.


Les Catherinettes - Barcelona

The work of this hat designer is closer to the artistic; It is born of a research of material, texture or color and rises in three-dimensions, like a vessel born of a puddle of water and clay; and this is how each hat appears, being unique and unrepeatable. She works from the whole, just as a sculptor does, visualizing every angle of the piece.

Les Catherinettes4.jpg
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Belcanto - José Avillez

“We are nonconformists by nature. Every day we want to find answers to the questions that arise in order to evolve and move forward.” 
José Avillez

These commandments are the pillars that, at this time, best define the work of José Avillez.

Jose Avillez1.png
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Diploma-Fashion Designer Ann-Kathrin Carstensen founded her accessory-label RITA IN PALMA in 2012. Together with women from Turkey, Syria, Pakistania, Lebanon and Kosovo she designs beautifully hand-crocheted jewelry and accessories. Every piece is handmade and of high quality. 

RITA IN PALMA works together with very talented migrant women. The label uses their talent to create unique products and in return offers the women a well payed job and consequently a way out of long-term unemployment. 

Therefore RITA IN PALMA is the first label to combine high fashion designs with integrative work. 

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rita in palma 03.jpg

Etat Libre d’Orange

Etienne de Swardt worked for a long time in the rarefied world of luxury perfume. Much of the work in recent years has been limited to simple and sterile fragrance expressions. Perfumes have been conceived with the goal of pleasing the greatest number of potential customers. 

Bored with these dictates, Etienne formed his own house with the idea of starting a revolution. He wanted to create a challenging perfumery, to emancipate juices from traditional restrictions. He envisioned perfumes that were furiously liberated, dangerously endearing. Flamboyant, excessive and perfect. 

Etat Libre 3.jpg
Etat Libre.jpg
Etat Libre 2.jpg

WEN PAN - London

WEN PAN is a London based womenswear label launched in 2018. The brand expands the content of ‘Poetic Resistance’ that exists in Chinese aesthetics. The design journey starts from human traces, and ends with  deconstructed pieces which translate brokenness into delicacy. WEN PAN  celebrates the confidence in imperfection.

Ther designer worked at renowned fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen and UMA WANG before launching her namesake label. Finaly new fashion designers are demonstrating that the new luxury /post luxury is here to stay!

WEN PAN - Londres3.jpg
WEN PAN - Londres2.jpg
WEN PAN - Londres.jpg

Emannuelle Junqueira  - Mariage/Prêt-à-porter

The line of wedding dresses Emannuelle Junqueira represents above all a magical work of appreciation of the feminine. The artist's work with her brides is current and authentic, being able to always be original due to the strong storytelling content of her pieces, which manage to convey a special message for each dress.

With the use of materials of indisputable quality, fruit of deep and solid research, their dresses reinforce the après luxe movement in the bridal segment.


HANDRED, Rio de Janeiro

Elegant, unpretentious and with an easy-chic spirit, André Namitala's brand stands out for its original touch that moves outside the tired parameters of conventional fashion.

Founded in 2012, Handred is timeless, works for all genres and presents in its garment extreme care with its raw material - a key element to be included in the Après-Luxe list.


Julia Krantz

With an extremely careful look at the quality and characteristics of the chosen raw material, the deep search for the new and original is visibly achieved in Julia's pieces.

Her work provides a journey through the movements of nature through its volumes and the use of various species of Brazilian woods.  

Obviously all the wood used in her atelier comes from areas that ensure the correct management of their forests.


julia krants02.jpg
julia krants01.jpg


From the choice of material to the form of production and communication of their product: ASPORTUGUESAS is in fact a brand that stays true to its innovative footware concept.

They are the world's first brand of cork flip flops - a 100% natural raw material that comes from a tree and is retrived without the tree ever being cut. But it's in their shoe line that post luxury is present. In shoes, design and originality together with the other pillars of post-luxury, ensure that ASPORTUGUESAS be part of our wonderful movement!


Porfírio Valladares

He has an unique twist, architectural rigor and a timeless/ modern dash in his furniture design.

Porfírio Valladares is also a expert in Contemporary Art from the Guinard School and winner of several serious awards in architecture and design. This multifaceted artist makes us proud to have his name on the list of best current names of brazilian design.

porfitio valadares1.jpg
porfitio valadares3.jpg